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5 May 2015

Questions to Ask Your Divorce attorney

San Antonio Divorce Attorney

For many couples it's hard for them to admit their marriage is over which is time for each to go on with their lives. When choosing to get a divorce some people agree to it and it can be amicable but also for others there may be hate for their lover, which is why one or both sides look for divorce lawyers. Getting a divorce does not just mean legally removing their spouse but tend to also involve custody, division of bills, division of assets, and property. It's rather a painful and stressful time for both parties to go through.

To be able to retain the services of a divorce attorney there are a few qualifications that you should search for. Good divorce attorneys should:

� Work effectively and efficiently for client
� Be able to prepare their client for court appearances and proceedings
� Be able to answer any questions their client has promptly rather than give answers which are ambiguous
� Be a good communicator and negotiator
� Use a practical approach to the court proceedings and avoid having any biased opinions.
� Be reliable and have good credibility
� Have experience working with all types of divorce cases.

When searching for divorce attorneys you should not just select one out of the newspaper, out from the phone book, or who's advertising on television. Take the time to check them out before you make your choice. If the need arises, visit several divorce lawyers with a set of questions to ask them and when you have the answers take time to go over them along with their answers to help you make the best choice. San Antonio Divorce Lawyer

Some of the questions that you might consider asking them may include:

� How long they have been a practicing divorce lawyer and do they specialize in family law
� How many of the cases they have worked on have been divorce cases if they are a general lawyer
� What is their strategy while handling separations
� If the case goes to trial will the lawyer have anyone assisting them
� What their charges are and if they charge hourly or per meeting, what they need for a retainer fee and approximate total cost for the divorce
� What extra expenses are you responsible for
� How will the lawyer communicate with you regarding the details of the case
� How can the divorce lawyer handle your kids and custody if kids are involved

These are just some general questions you should ask. Every divorce case differs so there may specific questions you want to ask about your divorce.


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